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How to get exness rebates

Exness Rebates ( Cashback )

As we have published in the article what is exness rebates , of course you traders who use an exness broker will be very happy if you get cashback or rebates from your trading activities at the exness broker. Then, how to get exness rebates ? please follow the steps below so that you are registered in our exness cashback program

  1. Cashback ( rebates ) only given to exness accounts registered under our ib ( ID Partner : sqidedp6 )
  2. Please register a new exness account using our ib link ( click here to use our ib link )
    If you already have an exness real account, you can , you can move your trading account under our ib exness network. Please read our article how to move exness account to our ib.
  3. Validated your account to our team, this is for make sure your account is connect with our ib. Please send an email to with contains active email data on exness and MT4 / MT5 account number. Every you create a new MT4 / MT5 account , you need do this step.
  4. If your trading account is sucessfull validated by our team, we will inform via email
  5. Your cashback will be sent automatically to your MT4 / MT5 account every week on Monday

Those were some of the steps you have to take if you want to participate in the exness cashback program. If you are interested in using the cashback program, you can save even more trading costs. If you need assistance, please contact our customer support.


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